Rob Harvey's
Gweilo in the Diaolou



In a classic fish out of water story Australian Rob Harvey travels to rural China and gets himself tangled up with the language, the culture, the cuisine and the history.

This very personal adventure will have you laughing from one side of China to the other through dumplings, dragons and diaolous.

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Gweilo in the Diaolou

The style is instinctively Hemmingway.

- David Crann

The warped red envelopes story cracked me up!

- Andrew Channing

The interaction with the local people in the village was charming

- Melissa Vaughan

About Gweilo in the Diaolou

Do you love travel stories?

Gweilo in the Diaolou takes you to rural China on the road less travelled.


Gweilo is a Cantonese slang term meaning "ghost man" or white man. The Diaolou are defensive watch towers only found in the villages and towns of Kaiping county in the province of Guangdong, China.

This book takes an Australian man, with no Chinese language skills whatsoever, communicating only through his partner, to Kaiping and the little village of Niu Lu Tao. Despite the language barrier, he forms close and connecting bonds with friends and family with a combination of humour, respect and compassion.

If you love a good travel adventure laced with humour, then you will love Rob Harvey's Gweilo in the Diaolou.

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The Testimonials

See what they're saying about Gweilo in the Diaolou.

Jean Du, Sydney, NSW

Respect. I started to get really emotional already. I'm truly touched by his respect to our culture.

Helen, Auckland, NZ

Remarkable! I loved how it was all tied up in the third part, in a way that was totally unexpected. That part was very moving to me.

David, Perth, WA

Tout Magnifique! Part 3, the Search for Brammall Maegraith - is excellent.

Geoff, Adelaide, SA

The Bottlebrush. How on earth did you find a bottlebrush tree in China? Go Aussie!

About The Author

Check out Rob's new blog, where you can see photos, video and more, as a visual accompaniment to the book.


Rob Harvey
Rob Harvey Rob Harvey

Rob is a Sydney, Australia based writer specializing in history and culture, with a very keen eye for the absurd. More known for his work on the stage as a scriptwriter, he's now made the transition into long form writing.

Among Rob's other interests are China and history. His partner is from southern China and what better part of the world to study history? His book Gweilo in the Diaolou is an amusing tour through some of the lesser known parts of China through the eyes of an Aussie.

"China has a rich history - the oldest continuous civilization on the planet - naturally it would interest somebody who's interested in history. I love travelling there - it's a blast - I love the people and I love testing out my very poor language skills. I can make cows talk (Bringing the Cows Home) but I can't make myself speak Cantonese."


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