Captains File: From Peden to Haynes

Australia's Women Test Cricket Captains

Available in spring 2018


Captains File: India

From Nayudu to Kohli:
India's Test Cricket Captains

* Updated April 2018

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Gweilo in the Diaolou

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The misadventures of an Aussie in regional China...

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Bringing the Cows Home

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Who said cows can't live in the city?!


"There was not a prouder moment than donning my blazer and heading out to the middle, coin in hand."

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CAPTAINS FILE: FROM PEDEN TO HAYNES Australia's Women Test Captains

From the very first Ashes Test in 1934 to the present day, an in depth look at the 19 Australian women who have captained Australia’s Test cricket team.

From the first captain, Margaret Peden, who created a team out of nothing, to the inimitable Mollie Dive who won the Ashes for the first time, to Miriam Knee's missing Test match against Jamaica. Jill Kennare's pioneering tour to India, Anne Gordon's tour to the West Indies.

These leaders molded their teams in their own way, shaping Australian cricket for the future, each an outstanding leader in her own right. To understand Australian cricket, the best view is from the captains, through their eyes, leading from the front. This is their story. Coming September 2018 » More info

I just crossed my fingers that the most important parts of the bus – like the wheels and the engine – would hold together for the trip to Kaiping.

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